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They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and its true, however success on Pinterest or any...

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5 Brands That Make Customers the Star on Social Media

Are you relationship material? Or do you, ahem, only talk about yourself?

A study by Edelman found that 87 percent of people want meaningful interactions with brands, but only 17 percent believe that brands deliver them.

About two-thirds of the survey respondents said their relationships with brands are one-sided. In other words, they feel that they’re the ones giving to the relationship and that brands only take.

Yikes. That’s a lot of relationship issues. So what does all this mean for your business?

Edelman says consumers want brands that are more participatory and engaging. Your customers long to be part of things. One …

Schedule To Instagram With Viraltag

Finally, Instagram is here on Viraltag! Beginning today, you can use Viraltag to schedule posts directly to Instagram. No more forgetting to post a photo when you know your audience is most likely to see it.

With 300 million users on Instagram, it is the fastest growing social network for adults in the U.S. You can’t afford not to take Instagram seriously. By serious we mean setting a content sharing and engagement strategy connected to your business goals, and executing on that strategy consistently.

The brands that are doing exactly that are already seeing a huge payoff. Posting on Instagram is …


5 Instagram Tips I Learnt By Posting for a Teen Book Festival

If your business is trying to reach teens, Instagram is where to find them. In a survey of teens as of April 2017, 76 percent named Instagram as the most important social network.

I’ve gotten a firsthand glimpse of what teens enjoy on their go-to social network through my volunteer gig for the Texas Teen Book Festival. Held each fall in Austin, Texas, the festival brings beloved YA (young adult) authors like Jenny Han and Suzanne Young to town and draws flocks of teen (and grown-up!) fans to see them.

One of the ways I help out is posting to the …


Six Instagram Strategies We Learned From The Man Repeller

It’s not easy to stand out in the competitive world of social media. Just because you have a solid idea and a phone with a built-in camera doesn’t mean you can grow your Instagram following accordingly.

So when it comes to building your brand, it’s important to learn from those who have done it well. Of the many fashion bloggers out there, Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine stands out with her witty comments, unique perspective and different fashion shots ranging from selfies, to street shots to product photos.

What first began in 2010 as a blog to beef up …


5 Ways to Gain Instagram Followers with Great Writing

Compelling images are the star of the show on Instagram, but don’t overlook the attention-grabbing power of awesome captions.

A well-crafted caption draws your Instagram followers deeper into the story of your brand. It can be the difference between someone liking your photo and then just scrolling on and someone taking the time to visit your site to learn more about you. And because so many brands — even big ones — still overlook the power of captions, putting some extra effort to make yours special makes you instantly stand out.

The first Instagram account that made me realize the allure of great …


23 Social Media Tips We Learned at #BlogHer15

I’m back from an inspiring and information packed few days at #BlogHer15. The annual conference from She Knows Media featured speeches and workshops led by women who have succeeded in bringing their voice to the masses using online tools.

I spent the few days with my notebook open, writing down everything I learned about which tactics and tools lead to the best results. I heard new tips for success on the old networks Facebook and Twitter, learned how to stop playing around on Instagram and Pinterest and actually use them to grow your business, and got an overview for getting started on new platforms Snapchat, Meerkat, and Periscope.

True to the theme …


How To Use Social Media To Drive Offline Interactions

It’s a safe assumption that if you are reading this blog, you’re using social media in some way to grow your business. Maybe you’re building a brand for your website or sharing inspiration to engage your community online.

But what if you are creating an event offline? Can social media help you drive face-to-face engagement as well? Absolutely.

Whether you’re planning an in-store concert, an author talk, or a huge end-of-season sale, social media is one of the most effective and affordable ways to get the word out. Keep in mind, your customers’ Facebook and Twitter feeds are already packed with …


7 Apps to Create the Best Instagram Photo

Do you ever wonder why your photo on Instagram gets only 15 likes, when another brand posts the same photo and gets 1,000 likes?

Perhaps they used great hashtags to get discovered or already had a large following. But maybe their version of the same photo just looked better.

On Instagram your posts compete with the 70 million other photos shared every day. Making your photos stand out in that busy stream requires creativity.

A simple photo sharing app at its core, Instagram is all about engaging images. Adding a filter, an interesting texture, or a cool overlay can get you more …


Five Reasons Instagram’s Explore & Search Is Great For Your Business

Instagram’s Explore and Search option makes it easier to connect with other users and that’s great news for your business!

The Explore and Search features, showcase trending hashtags and make customized recommendations for accounts to follow. The search has options to search by top tags, people, or places. As Instagram explained in their blog, with search users “can now peer in at just about any location on earth.” Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom called the update “what we’ve been shooting for all along…It’s a real-time visual pulse for what is happening in the world.”

You can find the new features by …


An Advanced Guide to Increase Followers for Fashion Bloggers

“The great thing about fashion is that it always looks forward.” – Oscar de la Renta

Fashion is an ever evolving thing. Fashion is always looking forward and the same is expected from the ones who write about it and celebrate it. We’re talking about you: a fashion blogger. But being a fashion blogger is a tricky job. Everyone has a different tastes, which makes it even more difficult to build followers for your fashion blog. Building audiences in social media is critical for any fashion blog.

That’s why we’ve created this extensive guide just for fashion bloggers. We hope this helps you to increase your followers on …


15 best social networks for viral marketing in 2015

2014 has been a hyper active in terms of social media marketing. Seems like 2015 will be even more exciting.

92% marketers agree that social media has generated more exposure for their businesses this year. It has also become a primary source of data to understand customer behavior. This indicates that social media marketing is only going north.

Rise of new social networks

Facebook ruled the social media space for last couple of years. It had became go to place for small and large businesses to put their product and services in front of large targeted audience.

But Facebook’s growth has been stagnant …