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10 Quick & Easy Ways to Get More Repins & Followers on Pinterest


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and its true, however success on Pinterest or any...

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Webinar Recap: How To Build A Brand From Scratch on Social Media

We were honored to be joined by an amazing founder friend of ours for a webinar this week. Tara McNulty is the founder of Shoot, an awesome contact sharing mobile app that is so much more efficient than carrying around a pack of business cards (which, as she shared in the presentation, often get thrown away).

Tara shared her experience trying to build a brand from scratch and acquire first time users for her app, all while working with a limited budget and limited time. Anyone running a business on their own, or with a small team, will find her time saving tips and …

Three Ways to Use Pinterest to Design Your Home Office

Calling all small business owners and entrepreneurs that work from home. Are you ready for a home office makeover? Then we have one word for you — Pinterest.

You’re probably already using Pinterest to market your business (if not, we have some tips to get you started), but have you thought about turning to this super visual social media platform to help decorate your business? Having a dedicated office space is so important for business owners who work from home. A home office keeps you organized and on task, plus it helps you maintain some semblance of work/life separation …


23 Social Media Tips We Learned at #BlogHer15

I’m back from an inspiring and information packed few days at #BlogHer15. The annual conference from She Knows Media featured speeches and workshops led by women who have succeeded in bringing their voice to the masses using online tools.

I spent the few days with my notebook open, writing down everything I learned about which tactics and tools lead to the best results. I heard new tips for success on the old networks Facebook and Twitter, learned how to stop playing around on Instagram and Pinterest and actually use them to grow your business, and got an overview for getting started on new platforms Snapchat, Meerkat, and Periscope.

True to the theme …


Five Nonprofits Thriving on Pinterest — and How They Do It

If you’re a busy staff member or volunteer for a nonprofit organization, running a Pinterest account might seem like just one more thing to do. But this fast-growing visual social network can be a powerful tool for spreading your message.

The visual content that Pinterest highlights is the wave of the future in social media. And it tells your story and creates emotional connections in a way that words alone cannot. Your Pins also have a longer life than your posts on other social networks — that’s a big deal when you have limited time or staffing …


10 Tricks To Get More Repins On Pinterest

Succeeding on Pinterest takes more than just sharing photos everyday. Sharing content at specific times and in certain ways will lead to more engagement. Creating your pins with your user in mind helps drive engagement. Think about what mood they will be in, what they are looking for, and on what device and in what context they will be viewing your pin.

In this slideshare we go over 10 things you can do to get more repins on Pinterest.

Have you tried any of these tricks? Are there any other tricks that work for you? Let us know what has …


Mary Meeker’s 2015 Internet Trends Report Reveals Visual Is King

We’ve had a hunch (a pretty good one) that visual content was on the rise for a while. This week, we got more proof. Mary Meeker released her annual Internet Trends report this week. A partner at the VC firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, and former Wall Street analyst, Meeker has been publishing her look at what is emerging and declining in tech for the last 20 years. The tech world eagerly awaits her report every year and lately the social marketing world has been doing the same.

The biggest news from the report in our world is how much visual content is being …


Attention Bloggers and Publishers: Stop Making These 7 Basic Pinterest Mistakes

Bloggers and publishers are looking for more ways to drive traffic back to their websites. Yet many continue to make the most basic mistakes without even realizing it. You don’t know what you don’t know right?

Pinning your blog on Pinterest and achieving success is going to take more than a “hope and pray” strategy. Hoping for more followers and repins isn’t going to cut it if you’re not fully committed to learning what it takes to win on Pinterest. You probably joined Pinterest awhile back (you possibly don’t even remember when) and you might be thinking of dabbling into it again. You’d be …


How To Use Pinterest Analytics to Get More Followers, Repins & Click-Throughs

You spend hours a day pinning, or load up your boards for the next several days using Viraltag. But many people are asking, “How do I really know if what I’m doing on Pinterest is working?”

Whether you’re managing your own account or someone else’s account, you want to figure out which of your boards are doing well and which are falling flat.

Why is that important?

It’s important because it will tell you if you should continue with your current Pinterest marketing plan or if you need to change your tactics.

I like to think of it this way: Have you ever wanted to lose weight and decided you …


Why Featuring Your Customers on Pinterest Will Dramatically Boost Pinterest Engagement

Visual Content Marketing has some powerful lessons to teach. Consumers today are leveraging social media to discover and validate potential purchases. In fact, they rely more on digital feedback from friends, family and influencers, and less on brand-generated messages, according to Forrester.

Their research revealed of U.S. adults online, some 70% percent trust brand or product recommendations from friends and family, 46% trust consumer-written online reviews, and just 10% trust ads on websites and 9% trust text messages from companies or brands. This is according to new Forrester data based on a survey of more than 58,000 respondents.

Another Forrester


Schedule Pins on Pinterest Secret Boards Now Using Viraltag

You asked for it. We heard you, and we built it.

We’re happy to announce that beginning today, you can use Viraltag to schedule pins to your Pinterest Secret Boards! (Click here to tweet the news)

We all have some things we want to keep private. Pinterest users are pinning wish lists, gift ideas, and brainstorms that they aren’t ready to reveal to the public on Secret Pinterest Boards. While you have a choice to invite specific users to your secret boards, these boards are kept private from your broader followers.

Marketers are finding secret boards to be a useful tool to plan, coordinate, and execute on …


Visual Content Marketing Expert Reveals How To Use Pinterest To Send Messages and Pins


Visual Content Marketing expert discusses how there is not a whole lot of conversation that goes on in Pinterest which is why you will find the message feature on Pinterest especially helpful when you’re trying to reach potential customers.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

If you’re sending a Pinner a message you have be following each other. ( a minimum of one board)
You can send a message by entering their email address.
You can send your profile page, a board, or a pin.
It also includes a group chat feature for up to nine people – great for collaborating.

So …


How to Increase Your Blog Traffic From Pinterest


Visual Content Marketing  expert asks; did you know that more than 14 million articles are pinned each day and those articles drive more traffic to publishers than Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and Google+ combined.

In addition, according to CoSchedule who dug through data from over one million blog posts they found that Pinterest accounts for 90% of social media shares on the web!

Why should you care?  Because every blogger wants more eyeballs on their blogs.

Without traffic what’s the point of it all?

Pinterest can help you get more traffic.

54% of the pins that generate click-throughs are linked to blogs.

As …