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5 Proofreading Tips that Help Write Better Content

Needless to say that
proofreading your copy before publishing it online is essential to improve your
content and as a result boost user experience. While some writers underestimate
the importance of proofreading, others spend too much time overdoing it. Either
case is a problem that needs an effective solution that we’re ready to offer
you. So, check out our quick guide on how to proofread your copy smart and

1.  Haste Makes Waste

We know — deadlines,
rough deadlines. Still, it’s essential to take your proofreading slow.
Otherwise, you’ll end up having a copy full of grammar and spelling mistakes.
Being in a hurry is the worst that can happen …

Important trends of SEO you need to know in 2020

SEO has been around for over 15 years and still looks to hold a lot of relevance come the next 15 years. The fundamental objective of Search Engine Optimization is to ensure that websites on the internet are easy to find and understand. When implemented correctly, SEO becomes an excellent and effective marketing strategy.

keeping up with the ever-changing SEO necessities can be hectic. Looking back,
we can see that the surefire SEO tactics of 10, 5, and even one year ago, have,
and are becoming obsolete as new techniques continue to emerge.

On the
bright side, nonetheless, SEO offers an unbiased …


6 Common Mistakes with Customer Reviews that cost you money

No matter what kind of business you have,
customer reviews will affect the sales and profits. Getting the right reviews
can help you boost your revenue. Conversely, getting the wrong kind of
attention can hurt your business. The reason being simple – on an average of
over 90% of customers check customer reviews before they purchase products. Moreover,
more than 80% are convinced by the past experience shared in the reviews and
make their decision based on them.

Another important factor to consider is that
customer reviews not only travel through advanced means of digital marketing.
They can travel when someone is talking to their friends or simply walking …


5 Tips for Creating Social Videos that Generate More Engagement

If you want to get more engagement out of your social media
marketing efforts, you should be creating more videos as there are several
studies that show that videos drive more engagement. Here’s one that found that
videos generate more engagement on Instagram and here’s one
that shows that they generate more engagement on Twitter.

There are also visual social networks like YouTube and IGTV
where you can only publish videos.

Therefore, if you create more quality videos it will give you
an edge over your competition. But creating videos can seem like a complicated
process. So, to simplify this for you I have created …


Why Your Instagram Profile Matters For Your Business

was originally created as a photo-sharing platform for users to socialize.
However, businesses use it for marketing and generate buzz for their brands.
Currently, there are almost 1 billion active users on Instagram monthly, and
the number is still growing. Those users can serve as potential prospects for
your business. If you still want some reasons to get your Instagram profile beneficial
for your business, below are some reasons to let you know why Instagram profile matters
for your business
! Let’s start!

1. It’s all about storytelling

Sharing brand stories via visual content is an ideal way to let your audiences know about you and your …


7 Proven Ways to Acquire New Clients Through Social Media

All social media
marketing strategies may be designed differently, may have different target
audiences and even different budgets allocated towards them. Social media
marketing is essential in any industry or business. It not only helps in
attracting potential customers but it also creates brand awareness. 

What marketers need to understand is that a particular strategy that may work well for a certain brand and its audience may become a complete failure for another. At the same time, it is also important to understand that there is no one specific answer for businesses when it comes to customer acquisition via social media. There is always room …


How to Create Cost-effective, Impactful Digital Signage

Creating impactful digital signage which lasts long in the memory is a key consideration for many businesses, but doing so can be a little restrictive. First of all, there is a misconception that the activity itself is always difficult to achieve, and therefore expensive graphic designers are sought out. Yes, graphic designers can deliver terrific work, and undoubtedly have the skills to implement some of the more complex aspects of creating signage, but it doesn’t have to be.

fact, creating beautiful digital signage is something that can indeed be done
in-house, and with a restricted budget. Let’s look at how you can …


5 Social Media Customer Acquisition Strategies That Can Never Go Wrong

Customer acquisition is one of the key factors for business success today. Its main objectives are to improve lead generation and increase conversion rates. And with the advent of online business and web-based advertising campaigns, marketers have realized the importance of customer acquisition metrics. These metrics help improve the decision-making process and increase revenue through lead generation.

Since these are all crucial factors of business success, social media has become one of the vital tools for getting more customers. Apart from lead generation, there’s also the cost of customer acquisition on social media to think about.

If you
understand these …


Meme Marketing – More than Just a Trend

“How are memes and marketing related to each other, and can I use the term meme marketing?”

A  friend asked this question a few days back during our discussion on marketing trends.

I had heard about meme marketing but never taken a dive into the topic. So I decided to do some research to see what it’s all about. And since I love to blog, I had to put my thoughts in writing.

You have probably come across some hilarious and exciting memes. Often, when I go through my news feed on Facebook, it is flooded with them.  So, what exactly, is a …


5 Ways to Keep Customer Data Secure On Social Media

media marketing has become an essential business-hack for companies that wish
to stay relevant in the market. It boosts the chances for businesses to hit a
wider target audience within an affordable budget plan.

As the use of social media increases globally, more companies have turned to digital marketing services over traditional marketing to promote their brand and products. This has also fundamentally impacted how organizations collect and manage consumer data. Most businesses now rely on social media customer care to handle all their customer chats, which has led to an increase in security breaches and fraudulent activities taking place online.

it is …


Great Tips and Examples of Ecommerce Navigation That Can Improve Sales

The structure of
your website navigation can be a very important factor in conversions, sales,
and bounce rates. If someone’s looking at your website and they can’t figure
out where to go when they’re on your landing page, or they can’t navigate
around the site with ease, they’ll just go to a different website. Without your
website navigation, your customers won’t be able to find your subscription
information, your products, or your informational blog.

In order to have a great e-commerce website navigation that can boost your sales, make sure you have clear and hierarchical navigation that directs your visitors to where they want to go. …


Visual Storytelling Tools That All Marketers Should Be Aware Of

you heard the buzz about storytelling in marketing circles? No longer should
your posts be independent pieces of marketing fluff – it’s all about the bigger
picture these days. And visual stimulation is one of the most important aspects
of a successful marketing approach. Indeed, according to a report by Adobe
(albeit back in 2013), posts with visual images get 650 times more interest
than those with pure text. And those number shave only been going one way
since, with attentions sands getting shorter and shorter.

it all about then? What is visual storytelling? Well, it’s pretty much as it
sounds: the ability to tell a narrative through …